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About ComTrack

Built in partnership with (OGRA) Ontario Good Roads Association and (ORFA) Ontario Recretaion Facility Association, ComTrack addresses the proposed level of services required for asset management. ComTrack is directly integrated into both OGRA’s (MDW) Municiple Data Works and ORFA’s (RFAM) Recreation Facility Asset Management solutions.

ComTrack contains a web based issue management module, which assists in the effective communication and collaboration of service requests which traditional tools like spreadsheets and email simply cannot offer.

Functionally identify, communicate, and prioritize on resolving issues involving multiple stakeholders, including off-site team members whom are geographically dispersed. As a hosted solution, municipalities do not require the installation of software nor need any additional hardware. Streamline the entire maintenance and work order process throughout your facilities and parks team.

ComTrack Functionality

ComTrack is an easy to set up web-based application that scales to the needs of any service provider.

ComTrack includes customized reporting tools that improve efficiency and accountability for specific processes and priorites.


ComTrack contains a system administration module that empowers the administrator to create users, define groups, assign privileges, and control access to data. Administrative functionality includes the ability to:

  • Add or remove user logins
  • Login authentication
  • Appearence customization
  • Control geospatial
  • Manage and streamline all service requests
  • Manage staff schedules

Work Orders

The work order module can:

  • Auto-generate work orders
  • Manage, organize, and prioritize work requests
  • Assign work orders to appropriate staff
  • Proccess, log, and track work orders seamlessly

Key Benefits

  • Access the metrics and reporting tools required to justify budget and staffing requests
  • Respond to emergencies quickly
  • Stay connected on-the-go
  • Improve workflow efficiency
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase on-time work completion